Monday, August 22, 2016

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 – Sullivan’s Post!

I am Sullivan, and I am home now. We thought we would be so sad, that we could cry for 24 hours, but we’re too tired for that. I want to tell you about Wednesday when we got up and watched Spongebob Squarepants in German.
We were in Fachbach Germany in a big hotel apartment which was huge.

We were in an area of Germany where there are lots of castles, so this was our castle day.
We checked out and drove a short way to the Marksburg Castle. We didn’t go in.

Schloss Stolzenfels

The hiking around this castle looked just like home. Lots of trees and hills and even a small waterfall. It was nice.

Burg Eltz

At the Burg Eltz Castle the family that had lived in the castle in the 1100’s descendants still own it!

So, we were driving up on the Mosel river and we kept going through these adorable old German towns, and it was cool beans.

We went into the village of Brem to look for food. But instead of food, we found this cat stretching out.

Then we went to a delicious German restraunt and had plenty of schnitzel.

I think that you should go to Germany and visit all of these amazing castles and watch Spongebob in German, and go to a delicious German restaurant and remember to have plenty of schnitzel!

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