Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 — Karina has her say

We started off the day in Cologne. I found that I liked the inside of the Cologne Cathedral in the morning as opposed to yesterday evening because mass was going on and it was a lot quieter. I think in order for a church to really feel church-like you need to whisper. It was very beautifully gorgeously amazingly massively huge. Wow.
Next we went to Bonn, the birthplace of Beethoven, famous for the angriest Beethoven statue ever...

...and the decapitated heads in front of the Munster Basilica, another old church. (Just kidding. It’s actually famous for being the capitol of West Germany, when Germany was all split up after WWII).
Ok. Don’t you wish you could by these in the TJ Maxx in America?
(I totally would’ve gotten one if it hadn’t been 70 euros) And yes, in Germany, it is TK Maxx.
The next place we went to was probably the highlight of my day and the event that Sullivan had been dreading-A Haribo outlet that was on the spot of the first Haribo factory, like, ever.
Then we drove to Koblenz, which is the place where the Rhine and Mosel River meet, and there has been human inhabitants in that area for 800,000 years! Old! The first thing we did there was take the cable car(scary, pretty) to an old Roman fortress.
Roman, meaning parts of it were from 300 A.D.!! Again, Old! Some parts were dark and scary. There were plastic mammoths!! Yay!!! 

When we went back across the river we visited a church that was built in 347, and before that, there was a Roman temple (Because the 300’s was the time when the Roman Empire converted to Christianity… I think….).
Sorry I love the history behind all these places it’s very interesting and I could go on and on about them but you all are probably getting bored so I will wrap up the rest. We stayed the night in Fachbach, a ways away from Koblenz (down a windy road thru the countryside). The hotel was amaze balls, and we all had a good nights sleep and many a yay times. Goodnight!!!!!!


  1. Nice job Karina, now get home!!👵👵👵

  2. I'm beyond jealous!!! Nice work lady!!! ❤️