Monday, August 8, 2016

The Week of Living Danishly Part I — The Food (maden)

Think of the word: 'Danish.'
What do you picture?
The dry, breaded goopy thing with icing slopped all over it is NOT EVEN CLOSE to what comprises REAL Danish pastry.

Look at this hot little number:
It comes from places like this:

And if you speak pretty good Danish, and you have a cute boy, they give you a free roll, like this:

And you probably think you know what a Hot Dog is supposed to look like, well, YOU'RE WRONG! Observe and learn: 
Danish Hot Dogs require:
  • High quality frankfurters
  • Danish Rødkål
  • Danish Remoulade
  • Danish Mustard
  • Danish Ketchup
  • Fresh Onions
  • Fried Onions
  • Lightly pickled cucumbers

The experience results in a symphony of flavors that can be described as nothing less than revelatory.
We have our friends the Grabe's to thank for the hot dogs, and that's not all.

Smørebrød - simple and beautiful Danish open-faced sandwiches made from tasty beautiful things on delicious rugbrød:

The grand mack-daddy of any and all Danish meals is the Christmas Flœskesteg! It's a special-cut porkroast with crackling. Even though we visited in August, our friends, the Grabes' made us an amazing Danish Christmas dinner with carmelized potatoes, red cabbage, potatoes and for desert, the amazing ris alamand, a rice pudding with wonderful cherry-berry sauce.