Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Week of Living Danishly Part 3 — Little Towns and Great Friends

We're running out of time (cue Hamilton soundtrack)! Now a week behind in our blog posting, I will quickly summarize a couple of important final elements of our stay in Denmark, quaint villages with gorgeous, colorful tiny shops and homes, and our friends. First Jytte, who I lived with for 6 months as a missionary in 1993, who fixed us a wonderful Danish lunch. And then, the Grabe Family who mananged to fit 10 people into their modest home for 5 days without a single complaint. They took us to beautiful beaches, ancient medieval villages, and prepared multiple amazing meals for us. Vi kan ikke tak jer nok!

Behold my beloved Danske Mor (Danish Mother), Jytte! Tak for at du vil bespise os, vi elsker dig!

The next several images are from Odense, Fåborg, Ribe, and other little quaint Danish towns.

These giant Sculptures facing West make Sullivan happy!
And they're a great backdrop for Selfies!
Tusind Tak til Benjamin, Anne-Marie, John, Christoffer og Marie. Vi elsker jer! Forhåbentlig går ikke får meget tid inden vi ses igen! Gud vœre med jer kœre vender!

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