Monday, August 8, 2016

The Week of Living Danishly Part 2 — The Churches

Denmark has a ridiculous number of ancient churches and castles and we realized that next time we travel there we will have to spend an entire summer to better see and understand them all. Here is just a smattering of the amazing places you might see in Denmark, some of which we were connected to on my side of the family.
 Sometimes, when visiting a fancy castle, one should dress accordingly.

Also, can anyone rock a royal pose better than Karina?
The Roskilde Cathedral was constructed between the 12th and 13th centuries and is a Unesco World Heritage site.

This Sankt Hans Kirke in Odense, where my third great grandparents were married.
It's particularly sweet to find that this original Carl Bloch altarpiece, a beloved piece of art in the Mormon world, sits in the church that my great great grandfather was baptized in before he emigrated to America with his parents who converted to Mormonism in 1855.

The bones of St. Knud, King of Denmark from 1080 to 1086 lie in the Cathedral bearing his name in downtown Odense.

 My great grandmother (from another family line) was christened, and her parents were married in this church.

 And the prize for best medieval door goes to:

 The Ribe cathedral is the oldest church in Denmark, with parts dating back to 948.
 That Ribe church, she's a beauty.
 At one point, Sullivan was a little tired of the churches, caught mid-yawn here.
My grandfather's grandfather, Rasmus, was baptized here, before his family converted to Mormonism and emigrated to the United States.

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