Tuesday, August 2, 2016


I began my two-year mission in Copenhagen in 1992. Ever since I have had a near maniacal love for the country, the language, the food and the culture. In this post I want to show you our attempt to do the impossible, Copenhagen in a single, perfect day.

A perfect day should start with by visiting a beautiful church, one that had been under scaffolding for the two years I lived in Denmark. Vor Frelser Kirke is a gorgeous marvel of Baroque churchmaking prowess — as it was Sunday, we weren't able to climb to the top.

The first congregation I served in was on the island of Amager, just next to Copenhagen. With only one day you have to balance the spiritual and the temporal, so we attended the first hour and then ran-off to have fun in the city.

One of the members of our church recommended a canal tour. Big thanks Katja! The only downside is that one constantly wants to jump into the beautiful clear blue water. 


We then went up to the top of the Rundårn, a 17th century round tower built for astronomy and as one of King Christian IV's many personal glamour projects. It has a spiral curved flooring large enough for horses to take the King all the way-up, you know, when you need to get up there, and you're the King, and, what do they expect you to do, walk?

We then forced the kids to visit two more churches, one of them the oldest in Copenhagen, before letting them have some kid time in the LEGO store, which is allowed only because LEGO is a Danish company.

The afternoon brought us to a couple more places...

And in the evening, we went to Nyhavn, one of the most photographed parts of the city, and for good reason.

Good night beautiful AirBnB, godnat København. Vi savner dig.

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