Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Final Adventure, Day 1 — By Ethan Starbuck May

Monday, August 15, 2016

We had to leave Amsterdam.
 But we went to yet another amaaaaaazzzing Dutch town (no surprise there), called Deventer. 

It was an old Roman town, and it was ridiculously quaint and beautiful. Here are some pictures:

Can you see the kitty in the window?
Here is De Waag, an old town hall kind of thing in the old town square that they turned into the tourist information center. Cool.

Here is the St. Dutchsoundingwordname Kerk, an old Gothic or Roman church. The current structure is only from the 15th century, but there was a church there since 768.

Here is the Bergkerk, another church that wasn’t given as much love, probably because it was smaller, but the current structure was actually older than the St. Dutchsoundingwordname Kerk (I forgot the actual name).

After that, we crossed the border into Germany, which gave Kirse an unsettled feeling. She hasn’t had many great experiences in Germany, and she tends to think the language sounds angry. Plus, she has a historian’s concern about Nazis. Luckily, we did not encounter any major ‘staus’ (see previous post), and drove into Köln (or Cologne, for lazy people) with relative ease.
Cologne is most famous for its humongous Gothic Cathedral, with its two iconic massive towers. Upon completion in the 1880s, it was the tallest building in the world. Just look at its magnificence!

It is seriously so ginormous you have to crane your neck to see the top spires of the towers, and inside, the upper ceiling is very high. The picture above is actually a panorama, because it was the only way we could get the whole interior in the shot.

At the end of the day, we went to our first hotel in Cologne, which was actually kind of an apartment. Some of us were sad that we only were staying there for one night. We got down and got ready for more exciting German Adventures.

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